Tuesday, May 21, 2024

SkyPirl 3.0


List of wallets holding coins of burned wallets with PIRL balance at block 3939000- Processing compensation to the treasury of 600,000 PIRL coins

 On May 18, 2024 mr.Alex announced the successful return of PIRL coins to 5 councils and 16 runners-up and announced that there are 44 days left to delete the SUDO KEY from SkyPirl's Blockchain. We are very happy and agree with mr.ALex on this.

Link: https://x.com/RoomHouseOffic1/status/1791715499140665479

But there is another problem that occurred. Mr.Alex took money from the treasury alone and rewarded NODEs with 10,000 PIRL coins per day for many NODEs without the consent and vote of the SkyPirl council. resulting in a loss of 600,000 PIRL coins to the treasury.

Therefore, Mr.Alex will be punished by having to spend his personal money to compensate for the loss of 600,000 PIRL coins from the treasury.

Link: https://docs.skypirl.tech/skypirl-pirl/mint-coins-and-transfer-coins-to-the-treasury/treasury2


1. Previously we announced the policy for mr.Alex and Mr.Dubs if they return to the project and sign the contract in 2023 they will be rewarded with 4.000.000 PIRL coins from the treasury, and 2024 will be 3.000.000, in 2025 it will be 2.000.000 PIRL coins.

2. List of wallets holding coins of burn wallet with PIRL balance at block 3939000 currently has a total of 2748506 PIRL coins, all of which are being held and managed by mr.ALex.

Link: https://docs.skypirl.tech/skypirl-pirl/list-of-wallets-holding-coins-of-burned-wallets-with-pirl-balance-at-block-3939000

This money will be burned or transferred to the treasury, because this is common money, does not belong to any individual. But we see that the two founders have made great contributions in building the project, and they have spent time, effort, and money to invest in the project. Therefore, this amount will be transferred to the 2 founders, each is 1.374.253 PIRL.

3: In the future, if Mr.Dubs returns to the project in 2024, he will receive an amount of 3.000.000 PIRL coins and 1.374.253 PIRL coins from the treasury.

4: Mr.Alex is holding 2748506 PIRL coins from the list of coin burning wallets, so he will continue to hold that money, and that money will be his from block 3939000. and he also has to return it 600.000 PIRL coins from treasury. So he is holding a total of 2.748.506+600.000=3.348.506 PIRL coins. So if Mr.Alex signs the contract in 2023 he will be paid from the treasury the remaining amount of 1.025.747 and in 2025 it will be 25.747 PIRL

Saturday, December 23, 2023

SkyPirlSwap 1:1 wETH or ccPIRL= 1PIRL

SkyPirlSwap is a decentralized exchange that swaps 1:1 ratio between PIRL and ETH, BSC, ETC, CLO. When you use 1PIRL swap you will receive 1ETH, or 1CLO, or 1BNB etc. . That's why we will use SkyPirlSwap to swap 1PIRL to 1wPIRL or 1ccPIRL at a 1:1 ratio in the future.

SkyPirlSwap is researched by Alex Shevlakov

The idea of Swap 1PIRL=1wPIRL=1ccPIRL when using SkyPirlSwap was researched by Small Marine

Thursday, December 21, 2023

SkyPirlSwap - SkyPirl Light Wallet

Integrate the SkyPirlSwap interface into the SkyPirl light wallet

Built by Alex Shevlakov


SkyPirl was hardforked from PIRL's old blockchain on July 23, 2021 after the project collapsed.

Airdrop1: Successfully done with a 1:1 ratio, meaning you have 1PIRL coin and you will receive 1 SkyPirl coin. To participate in Airdrop1, you must have at least 1 transaction from July 23, 2021 to January 25, 2022. From January 25, 2022 to November 25, 2023 All communities have contact messages from Telegram, Discord, Twitter, emails sent to SkyPirl will all receive Airdrop1 at a 1:1 ratio.

Airdrop2: All wallets that are inactive and do not have any transactions and do not contact SkyPirl support will receive Airdrop2 with a reward of 1% to 20% (For example, if you have 10PIRL coins you will receive received by Airdrop2 is 2 SkyPirl coins with a reward of 20%), This will be voted on and decided by the SkyPirl council in the future.

Proposer: Small Marrine
Voting Status: 
Send your policy to SkyPirlNew@gmail.com to receive Pirl coin if we use your policy. Thank

Burn 2

List of coin burning phase 2 from inactive wallets.


Proposer: Alex Shevlakov
Voting Status: Yes
Send your policy to SkyPirlNew@gmail.com to receive Pirl coin if we use your policy. Thank

Business Cooperation Agreement (Built by Small Marine)

Business Cooperation Agreement



THIS BUSINESS COOPERATION AGREEMENT (hereinafter the “THIS AGREEMENT”) is entered into between the following parties on January 1, 202x

Party A: SkyPirl

Legal Address: 

Legal Representative: Small Marine ( Tran Ngoc Quynh )

Full name:

Date of birth:


Phone number:

Citizen Identity Card:


Party B: Room-House.com

Legal Address: 

Legal Representative: Alex Shevlakov

Full name:

Date of birth:


Phone number:

Citizen Identity Card:


Party A: Pirlchat

Legal Address: 

Legal Representative: 

Full name:

Date of birth:


Phone number:

Citizen Identity Card:




Party A: On July 23, 2021. xTerSafecontainer team Hardfork from PIRL chain to SKYPIRL chain. With the desire to restore the PIRL project and call on everyone to return to the project.



Party B: Room-House is the world's first decentralized online meeting platform, using WebRTC protocol and Blockchain technology that allows many people to be connected over long distances. Provided that the user needs to be equipped with at least one electronic mobile device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.



Party C: PirlChat is a completely decentralized and encrypted messaging system.

Unlike most traditional communication apps in PirlChat there is zero exposure. The messages don’t rely on any middleware or centralized servers.

With PirlChat you can preserve your private data and communications.

Completely out of the reach of hackers and large corporations interested in trading personal (private) information.




In witness thereof, through friendly consultation and in the principle of equality and mutual benefits, it is hereby agreed as follows:





Airdrop 1

SkyPirl Blockchain was hardfork from PIRL's old Blockchain on July 23, 2021, So we did an Airdrop to the old PIRL community with a value of 1PIRL coin = 1SkyPirl coin. Conditions to receive Airdrop: Old PIRL community logs their wallet address into SkyPirl blockchain and has 1 transaction from July 23, 2021 to January 25, 2022.


During the period from January 25, 2022 to November 25, 2023, old PIRL wallet addresses, if they email or contact SkyPirl, will receive an Airdrop of 1PIRL coin = 1 SkyPirl coin.


Airdrop 2:

We tried to contact and notify many times on the telegram channel and Discord channel of the old PIRL community from the beginning of 2020 to the end of 2023 to inform the community to return to the project, and they will receive the SkyPirl coin from Airdrop , but it seems that all of our efforts not receive support and interest from very few of the old PIRL community. Therefore, all inactive wallets that do not support SkyPirl with PIRL coin balance will still receive Airdrop2 at a rate of 1% to 15%, this will be voted and decided by the SkyPirl council.



A successful project must have a leader. The Council is the members voted for by the SkyPirl community, so the council is the representative of the community. But in cases where the council makes a policy but the council members oppose it and do not do it. SkyPirl will create a public vote. When the vote is successful and the winner is for the policy maker, all members of the council must commit to following the policy.

Punishment and reward:

+ If the person who opposes that policy is wrong and still decides to refuse to do it after the council successfully votes, and seriously affects the project, and does so many times, that member will be punished and discipline by the SKyPirl board.

+ If the person who opposes the policy is right and the council has gone wrong on policy, then he will certainly be respected by everyone and elected to greater positions for him to take on leadership positions in the future.


Council members who are instrumental in making policies for the project to succeed and opposing wrong policies will receive TIP money from the treasury, this will create fairness and motivate talented people to work. more positive. The policy is just a short statement, but if the project policy is followed incorrectly, the project will suffer serious damage and lead to collapse and no path for many years.


You can see the public vote here: https://skypirl.net/#/treasury/tips




After successfully merging two projects, decentralized messaging (Pirlchat) and decentralized meeting rooms (Room-House.com). We will elect Mr.ALex and Mr.Dubs to become the founders of SkyPirl, and they will remain the founders of Pirlchat and Room-House.com. Because they contributed their inventions to the SkyPirl project.


Project leader


All projects like Pirlchat, Pirltube, Room-House.com, PIRL Decentralized Social Network, etc. They will all be managed and led by the SkyPirl council. The founder with the invention will be voted as founder, but to lead the project must be the SkyPirl council.

How can I become a project leader?

As long as you come up with beneficial policies to help promote the project, then you commit to doing it, the SkyPirl council will vote for you at:


So everyone who is part of PIRL's community can become a project leader.




SkyPirl is a 100% decentralized Blockchain so we commit to the following terms:

+ 100% Sudo Key Removal

+ Council: In SkyPirl's Blockchain, there are 12 members who are the treasury management council, so each individual can only hold 1 council seat, this helps the project become more decentralized.

+ Website, Communication Channels: One individual is not allowed to control too much power, the developer controls the software so the project's websites, telegram channels, and social media channels should be left to the members different, this helps the project decentralize both the Blockchain chain and the project's communication channels.


PIRL decentralized social network


PIRL decentralized social network is a collective that includes contributions from the community, technology, policies, leaders, partners, etc. . In particular, the PIRL decentralized social network is also protected by xTer-Safecontainer technology. Pirlchat and Room-House.com will work together to create the success of the decentralized social network PIRL. Those who have made great contributions will have their names written down and saved in the project's history.

Technology: Mr.Alex and Mr.Dubs will work together to research and perfect the decentralized social network PIRL


PirlChat, PirlTube, Room-House.com, decentralized social network Does PIRL issue shares? and is PIRL coin a share of the project?


PIRL is not a stock or a product and does not represent shares of a profit sharing company. PIRL did not operate an ICO or Pre-sale and does not have a pre-mine.


The projects Pirlchat, Pirltube, Room-House.com, PIRL decentralized social network are independent projects built, researched and developed on SkyPirl's blockchain network. Therefore, PIRL coin is not a stake in the above project. But we would like to make the following commitments.

+ Projects will follow a 100% decentralized policy and respect securities laws.

+ The project will not be allowed to use Fiat money

+ The project will not be allowed to have revenue, because if it has revenue, the project will have to pay taxes and establish a company. Therefore, all revenue will be used to pay PIRL coin, and 90% of revenue will be burned, which will help increase the value of PIRL coin. 5% of revenue will be paid to high-configuration servers and the government can tax nodes like they tax Bitcoin mining pools. The remaining 5% will be transferred to the treasury of the decentralized social network PIRL, this is a very small cost to maintain the project, pay employees, marketing costs, server rental, research, buy technology etc.

+ If in the future Pirlchat, Pirltube, Room-House.com, PIRL decentralized social network issue their own tokens, then when you own 1% of the capitalization of PIRL coin, you will receive 1% of the capitalization of the project token above. SkyPirl Treasury will also receive the Tokens of the above projects (If the Treasury has a capitalization of 10% PIRL coin, then when issuing tokens, the SkyPirl Treasury will own 10% of the Tokens of the above projects under the management of the association SkyPirl copper). Issuing private tokens will be very unlikely in the future, this will be voted and decided by the SkyPirl board. We will adjust the appropriate policy according to the provisions of securities law.


What do partners B and C get when participating in the SkyPirl project?


+ Partners B and C will be elected as founders because without their research and invention contributions to the project, there would be no SkyPirl project.

+ Partners B and C will receive 4000000 PIRL coins from the SkyPirl treasury

Txid (B) :

Txid (C) :

+ Partners B and C will receive pensions from the SkyPirl treasury after they reach old age.

+ Partners B and C will receive health insurance when they get sick from SkyPirl treasury

+ Partners B and C will be paid monthly salaries from SkyPirl treasury

+ Partners B and C have the right to participate in project leadership as long as they come up with the right policies and directions and the community will vote for them.


What if partners B and C break the contract and commitment?


+ Partners B and C will be subject to discipline by the SkyPirl board.

+ Partners B and C will be responsible before the law and compensate for all damages of the project. (If the project's capitalization of ten billion dollars is reduced to 1 billion dollars, partners B and C will have to compensate 9 billion dollars and take responsibility for the project and return 4000,000 PIRL coins to the SkyPirl treasury , and will have to compensate for all loss costs and honor for the project that has been under construction for many years).





1. This Agreement is made into 03 copies of equal value, each Party keeps 01 copy.

2. This agreement takes effect from the date of signing. The Parties undertake to be responsible before the law for their commitments.

3. The Parties commit to confidentiality of all information about this Agreement as well as other agreements on investment capital contribution.

4. This Agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with International law

5. The three parties are responsible for promptly informing each other about the working process by secretarial method of all information.

6. All amendments and supplements to this contract must be made in writing and signed by three parties. The appendices are an inseparable part of the contract.

6. All disputes arising during the contract implementation process are first resolved through negotiation and conciliation. If conciliation fails, the dispute will be resolved at the competent Court.

7. If one Party encounters difficulties during contract implementation, it must notify the other party as soon as possible to find remedies.

8. Partners A, B and C are not allowed to sell information and technology of the above projects to competitors. If discovered, they will be responsible before the law and discipline of the SkyPirl board.




(Signed and sealed)                                                         (Signed and sealed)








            (Signed and sealed)

Follow me + Follow back

Congratulations on the "Follow + me => 100% Follow back" campaign of SkyPirl Official channel on Twitter reaching 100 thousand members

Built by Small Marine

Monday, November 6, 2023

Sponsor and work for free and run Node SkyPirl blockchain for the SkyPirl project from 2021 to 2023:

_Alex Shevlakov is currently sponsoring and working on technical issues for SkyPirl Blockchain for free, currently he is researching decentralized meeting rooms Room-House.com, decentralized exchanges, smart contracts , AI, Bridge, NFT, etc

Owner website: https://room-house.com/

_Mikhail Yelizarov: Working as marketing director at SkyPirl, all diplomatic work, media, and public events will be handled by him. He is working for free on the project as well as sponsoring and the websites he owns are:




_SmallMarine is working as the financial director of SkyPirl, He supports developers with ideas for projects, communication, diplomacy, marketing on google, Bing, Duckduckgo, twitter, facebook, telegram. Sponsor the purchase of Telegram and Twitter groups. He is working on the project for free as well as sponsoring and the websites he owns:





Airdrop cheat December 25, 2022

On December 25, 2022 we did an Airdrop to the community, due to too many cheaters, so we decided to use sudo keys to reset their balance to 0.

The strategy is implemented by SmallMarine

Technology built by Alex Shevlakov

Proposer: Alex Shevlakov
Voting Status: Yes
Send your policy to SkyPirlNew@gmail.com to receive Pirl coin if we use your policy. Thank


Communication about the SkyPirl ecosystem at Medium, Publish0x

Medium and Publish0x are two blogs with many communities. When articles are posted, they will automatically index on search sites like google, bing, duckduckgo.



Built by Small Marine

History-Project Inspection

Because the SkyPirl project is a 100% decentralized project, we will establish a project inspection organization to record the history of the SkyPirl project as well as publicize the policies who made and who vote them transparently to the community, and will save the list the contributions of all individuals to the project.

History: https://www.skypirl.tech/about-skypirl

Project Inspection - Publicize the policy:



Proposer: Small Marine
Voting Status: Yes
Send your policy to SkyPirlNew@gmail.com to receive Pirl coin if we use your policy. Thank

Google, Bing, Duckduckgo

Media campaign about the decentralized charity fund Pirl in more than 100 languages and ranked top on google, bing, duckduckgo search, conducted by SmallMarine.

Detail: https://docs.skypirl.tech/blog/charity

Burn and mint new money

List of wallet addresses not working

Detail: https://docs.skypirl.tech/skypirl-pirl/list-of-wallet-addresses-not-working

Spend from the treasury and Burn

Detail: https://docs.skypirl.tech/skypirl-pirl/spend-from-the-treasury-and-burn

Mint coins and transfer coins to the treasury

Detail: https://docs.skypirl.tech/skypirl-pirl/mint-coins-and-transfer-coins-to-the-treasury

In the future, when the SkyPirl project is successfully merged, we will discuss and introduce a new policy to support the community to receive SkyPirl coins back in the list of 118 Staking wallets.

Proposer: Alex Shevlakov
Voting Status: Yes
Send your policy to SkyPirlNew@gmail.com to receive Pirl coin if we use your policy. Thank


Decentralized exchange


Researched and built by Alex Shevlakov

Lưu Phưởng (Việt Nam)

Donate 400000 Pirl to the Pirl decentralized charity fund

Txid: https://subscan.skypirl.org/skyrhc/event/1382502-1


Logo designed by Alex Shevlakov

Logo designed by SmallMarine

PIRL Decentralized Charity Foundation

The Pirl Decentralized Charity Fund was formed to contribute to conveying that deep and loving message, connecting hearts, calling on the community to join hands to share love with the difficult and unfortunate lives and so that everyone has more opportunities to get closer together for a bright future of orphans, studious students who still have a bumpy road to knowledge, helpless elderly people, and needy poor patients. power before the possibility of treatment to regain his life…

SkyPirl's mission is not only to show sympathy and share, but also to make the Foundation's charitable activities bring practical and sustainable effects that can change a person's fate, for a better life today. Yesterday and tomorrow are better than today. Doing meaningful things from the heart will make your life and those around you more meaningful. Let's go with the decentralized charity fund because life is in dire need of hearts to prolong the journey of kindness and extend the arms of love…
Decentralized charity funds only used for charitable purposes such as supporting the poor, building schools, hospitals, supporting scientists inventing new projects that benefit society, etc.

The charity fund was founded by SmallMarine, in the future we will create a multi-signature wallet when there are enough members in the charity fund and it will become a 100% decentralized charity fund under the management of SkyPirl


xTER SafeContainer is a new technology to safely deliver and deploy software via Internet to your home or office computer. When inside the Container, tampering and theft is not possible. 

Researched and built by Alex Shevlakov

Detail: https://docs.skypirl.tech/xter-.-technology


Room-House is the world's first decentralized online meeting platform, using WebRTC protocol and Blockchain technology that allows many people to be connected over long distances. Provided that the user needs to be equipped with at least one electronic mobile device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Researched and built by Alex Shevlakov

SkyPirl 3.0