Saturday, December 23, 2023

SkyPirlSwap 1:1 wETH or ccPIRL= 1PIRL

SkyPirlSwap is a decentralized exchange that swaps 1:1 ratio between PIRL and ETH, BSC, ETC, CLO. When you use 1PIRL swap you will receive 1ETH, or 1CLO, or 1BNB etc. . That's why we will use SkyPirlSwap to swap 1PIRL to 1wPIRL or 1ccPIRL at a 1:1 ratio in the future.

SkyPirlSwap is researched by Alex Shevlakov

The idea of Swap 1PIRL=1wPIRL=1ccPIRL when using SkyPirlSwap was researched by Small Marine

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