Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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Project Inspector

I've investigated a lot of projects, and I've found that in most projects it's clear that the developer is working with the sharks and intentionally creating a policy so that the token value will decrease and then the sharks will buy it. in for cheap. But this is an unethical job, investors are the power of the project, and they are an extremely effective media force. Once they leave the project, they won't come back.

So we will set up an organization called "Project Inspector", our task will be to monitor the developer, and review all the missing policy to protect investors. If we find a developer with bad behavior to inflate prices along with sharks, we'll make this public with the developer's name to the community. And the heaviest punishment is removal of the developer's founding position.

We will establish an organization to record the history of the project, including all the deeds, actions, people who contributed to the project and those who sabotaged the project, and its birth. of the project, because in the future if the project is successful we will sponsor and make a film about the success of the project.

Benefits: With this new policy of mine, SkyPirl will have an extremely clean and transparent project system. A project is successful only when the project apparatus works well.


Proposer: Small Marine
Voting Status: Yes

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