Tuesday, May 21, 2024

SkyPirl 3.0


List of wallets holding coins of burned wallets with PIRL balance at block 3939000- Processing compensation to the treasury of 600,000 PIRL coins

 On May 18, 2024 mr.Alex announced the successful return of PIRL coins to 5 councils and 16 runners-up and announced that there are 44 days left to delete the SUDO KEY from SkyPirl's Blockchain. We are very happy and agree with mr.ALex on this.

Link: https://x.com/RoomHouseOffic1/status/1791715499140665479

But there is another problem that occurred. Mr.Alex took money from the treasury alone and rewarded NODEs with 10,000 PIRL coins per day for many NODEs without the consent and vote of the SkyPirl council. resulting in a loss of 600,000 PIRL coins to the treasury.

Therefore, Mr.Alex will be punished by having to spend his personal money to compensate for the loss of 600,000 PIRL coins from the treasury.

Link: https://docs.skypirl.tech/skypirl-pirl/mint-coins-and-transfer-coins-to-the-treasury/treasury2


1. Previously we announced the policy for mr.Alex and Mr.Dubs if they return to the project and sign the contract in 2023 they will be rewarded with 4.000.000 PIRL coins from the treasury, and 2024 will be 3.000.000, in 2025 it will be 2.000.000 PIRL coins.

2. List of wallets holding coins of burn wallet with PIRL balance at block 3939000 currently has a total of 2748506 PIRL coins, all of which are being held and managed by mr.ALex.

Link: https://docs.skypirl.tech/skypirl-pirl/list-of-wallets-holding-coins-of-burned-wallets-with-pirl-balance-at-block-3939000

This money will be burned or transferred to the treasury, because this is common money, does not belong to any individual. But we see that the two founders have made great contributions in building the project, and they have spent time, effort, and money to invest in the project. Therefore, this amount will be transferred to the 2 founders, each is 1.374.253 PIRL.

3: In the future, if Mr.Dubs returns to the project in 2024, he will receive an amount of 3.000.000 PIRL coins and 1.374.253 PIRL coins from the treasury.

4: Mr.Alex is holding 2748506 PIRL coins from the list of coin burning wallets, so he will continue to hold that money, and that money will be his from block 3939000. and he also has to return it 600.000 PIRL coins from treasury. So he is holding a total of 2.748.506+600.000=3.348.506 PIRL coins. So if Mr.Alex signs the contract in 2023 he will be paid from the treasury the remaining amount of 1.025.747 and in 2025 it will be 25.747 PIRL

SkyPirl 3.0