Monday, November 6, 2023

Sponsor and work for free and run Node SkyPirl blockchain for the SkyPirl project from 2021 to 2023:

_Alex Shevlakov is currently sponsoring and working on technical issues for SkyPirl Blockchain for free, currently he is researching decentralized meeting rooms, decentralized exchanges, smart contracts , AI, Bridge, NFT, etc

Owner website:

_Mikhail Yelizarov: Working as marketing director at SkyPirl, all diplomatic work, media, and public events will be handled by him. He is working for free on the project as well as sponsoring and the websites he owns are:

_SmallMarine is working as the financial director of SkyPirl, He supports developers with ideas for projects, communication, diplomacy, marketing on google, Bing, Duckduckgo, twitter, facebook, telegram. Sponsor the purchase of Telegram and Twitter groups. He is working on the project for free as well as sponsoring and the websites he owns:

Airdrop cheat December 25, 2022

On December 25, 2022 we did an Airdrop to the community, due to too many cheaters, so we decided to use sudo keys to reset their balance to 0.

The strategy is implemented by SmallMarine

Technology built by Alex Shevlakov

Proposer: Alex Shevlakov
Voting Status: Yes
Send your policy to to receive Pirl coin if we use your policy. Thank


Communication about the SkyPirl ecosystem at Medium, Publish0x

Medium and Publish0x are two blogs with many communities. When articles are posted, they will automatically index on search sites like google, bing, duckduckgo.

Built by Small Marine

History-Project Inspection

Because the SkyPirl project is a 100% decentralized project, we will establish a project inspection organization to record the history of the SkyPirl project as well as publicize the policies who made and who vote them transparently to the community, and will save the list the contributions of all individuals to the project.


Project Inspection - Publicize the policy:

Proposer: Small Marine
Voting Status: Yes
Send your policy to to receive Pirl coin if we use your policy. Thank

Google, Bing, Duckduckgo

Media campaign about the decentralized charity fund Pirl in more than 100 languages and ranked top on google, bing, duckduckgo search, conducted by SmallMarine.


Burn and mint new money

List of wallet addresses not working


Spend from the treasury and Burn


Mint coins and transfer coins to the treasury


In the future, when the SkyPirl project is successfully merged, we will discuss and introduce a new policy to support the community to receive SkyPirl coins back in the list of 118 Staking wallets.

Proposer: Alex Shevlakov
Voting Status: Yes
Send your policy to to receive Pirl coin if we use your policy. Thank


Decentralized exchange

Researched and built by Alex Shevlakov

Lưu Phưởng (Việt Nam)

Donate 400000 Pirl to the Pirl decentralized charity fund



Logo designed by Alex Shevlakov

Logo designed by SmallMarine

PIRL Decentralized Charity Foundation

The Pirl Decentralized Charity Fund was formed to contribute to conveying that deep and loving message, connecting hearts, calling on the community to join hands to share love with the difficult and unfortunate lives and so that everyone has more opportunities to get closer together for a bright future of orphans, studious students who still have a bumpy road to knowledge, helpless elderly people, and needy poor patients. power before the possibility of treatment to regain his life…

SkyPirl's mission is not only to show sympathy and share, but also to make the Foundation's charitable activities bring practical and sustainable effects that can change a person's fate, for a better life today. Yesterday and tomorrow are better than today. Doing meaningful things from the heart will make your life and those around you more meaningful. Let's go with the decentralized charity fund because life is in dire need of hearts to prolong the journey of kindness and extend the arms of love…
Decentralized charity funds only used for charitable purposes such as supporting the poor, building schools, hospitals, supporting scientists inventing new projects that benefit society, etc.

The charity fund was founded by SmallMarine, in the future we will create a multi-signature wallet when there are enough members in the charity fund and it will become a 100% decentralized charity fund under the management of SkyPirl


xTER SafeContainer is a new technology to safely deliver and deploy software via Internet to your home or office computer. When inside the Container, tampering and theft is not possible. 

Researched and built by Alex Shevlakov


Room-House is the world's first decentralized online meeting platform, using WebRTC protocol and Blockchain technology that allows many people to be connected over long distances. Provided that the user needs to be equipped with at least one electronic mobile device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Researched and built by Alex Shevlakov

The idea of decentralized social network Pirl

The Pirl decentralized social network is designed for a multi-planetary economy. When humans set foot on Mars, they will establish a new multi-planetary economy within the next 2000 years. In addition to the feature of not having your account locked, "SM" is the special feature that creates the success of the decentralized social network Pirl.

This is an idea by Small Marine and features SM.


is the communication page of the SkyPirl project on Twitter built and communicated by SmallMarine


Is a game research that can connect to skypirl light wallet. In the future we will build and develop many new games.

Researched and built by AlexShevlakov

Document books as well as project instructions and communication information at:

Researched and built by Small Marine

This is the project's main website synthesizing all information about the SkyPirl ecosystem built and researched by SmallMarine

SkyPirl Light Wallet

Is a light wallet running on a web browser researched and developed by Alex Shevlakov

SkyPirl 3.0