Friday, June 16, 2023

Pirl is still a pioneer project in the field of Web3 and is the project with the most complete ecosystem in the world with real projects and real technology such as Pirlchat, Pirltube, Room-House meeting room, decentralized social network. Pirl

Merge Pirl and SkyPirl into one big project and Pirl becomes a 100% decentralized international project of the world and Pirl is not owned by any individual or organization, the project will be owned by community decided by the community.

Pirl will be sued as a Stock if the project is centralized and controlled by a certain individual, so 100% decentralization is essential.

The project will have no executive director, the community will be the project's chief executive officer. Any board member who introduces the wrong policy too many times and causes the project to fail will be removed from the council, the community will nominate new members and elect them to the appropriate project positions.

Be transparent about the policy of any board members making and voting and non-voting members. This will help the project have a better project apparatus and select talented people for the appropriate positions of the project.

Proposed Mr.Dubs and Mr.Alex will be the two founding members of the Pirl project, Because their work will take a lot of time and effort in programming, security and research, And they are members who dedicate the most effort to the project. The project is only successful when the two founders shake hands.

Proposer: Small Marine
Voting Status: Processing
Send your policy to to receive Pirl coin if we use your policy. Thank

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