Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Our next new policy after merging Pirl and Room-House into a new project. And the next policy of the project to not violate the securities law.

1: We will still use the old Pirl logo for Pirl coin. The Stex exchange is closed, so they won't affect the project's branding going forward. 13M Pirl coin will be frozen and announced to the community in the future.

2: We will use SkyPirl as the parent company brand just like the "Meta" brand is the parent company of Facebook. Here the website will clearly state all information about the projects of the Pirl ecosystem. Projects such as Pirl coin, Room-House, Pirlchat, Pirltube, Pirl charity must use a separate website, and must also have a separate "WhitePaper" of the project, clearly stated in the "whitepaper" items like this is an independent project that is not related to Pirl coin, we only use Pirl coin as a means of payment, the project will not issue securities, we will not be allowed to use fiat currency In order to pay for services, the revenue from the above services will be burned 100%, which shows that this is a decentralized project and will not have to pay taxes and violate securities laws in the future.

3: We have established a decentralized charity Pirl. The establishment of the Pirl charity fund is unlikely to increase the price of Pirl and help the project succeed, but this is a misconception. We have more than 100 different languages Pirl charity communication. In the future there will be 8 billion people in the world who are curious and ask "What is a decentralized charity?" As long as you type "Decentralized Charity Fund", the brand "Pirl Decentralized Charity" will appear on the top 1 of google, bing, duckduckgo. This will be a project to help Pirl spread the brand enormously.

4: What will the Pirl Treasury be used for? Monthly Pirl treasury will permanently burn 1%. So we will use this 1% to pay developers, staff and servers of the project, so there will be no developer working for free on the project.

5: PirlEx: In the near future maybe we will build a decentralized exchange on the Pirl blockchain network. When Pirl coin has large capitalization, maybe we will issue tokens like "R-H token" which is the token of Room-House and "Pirl-S token" which is the token of the decentralized social network Pirl. and there will be a clear provision that if you hold 1% of the Pirl coin's capitalization, you will get 1% of the "R-H token" capitalization.

6: Pirltube: We will pause this project to focus on building Pirl decentralized social network, because we don't see the future of Pirltube yet, but when the project has big finance we will build project again.

Proposer: Small Marine
Voting Status: Processing
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